What to Look For in Your Child’s Booster Seat

One of the hardest tasks of parents during traveling with their newborn is to make sure that they are safe and secure. Most accidents in the road that involved children below 5 years old are because of the parent’s negligence. There are laws in some states that require child booster seats especially if your child is below 20kg. Below are factors that you need to consider in choosing the right booster that suits your needs:

Kind of vehicle seat belts – When shopping for booster car seats the first thing you need to consider is what type of seat belt system that your car has. It will help you determine which type of booster seat you need. Like if you have a lap belt only, you need a booster seat with harness and back system.
Kind of Back – You must determine whether you need a back on your child’s seat. To determine this you will need to check on your vehicle’s lap belt and shoulder. You need backless booster seats if your vehicle has a shoulder and a lap belt, but only when your child is tall enough to use the belt system in your vehicle. It is also a must that your back seat has a headrest to protect your head from whiplash in case of accident. If in case your child is still on the shorter side of your vehicle, you will need a high back booster car seat that has harness system. These use the seat belts of your vehicle to hold it in position, while the harness holds your child in the seat.
Convertible or not – There are two different type of convertible seats for you to choose from. The convertible boosters car seats that have a rear facing infant seat can be converted into a forward facing seat for older babies and then change it to a backless booster seat. The other type of convertible booster car seat has a high back booster with harness system. You can convert this into a backless booster once your child is tall enough.
Features – What do you want to have? There are numerous designs to choose from. Aside from patterns and colors, you can get booster car seats that have padding on the harness and extra safety features such as lap belt anchor which holds your vehicles lap belt in position and prevents your child from slipping underneath during accident.
With this in mind, there is no reason why you cannot find the best bo

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