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Why I Chose A Cosco Booster Seat To Keep My Child Safe In The Car

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Nothing is more precious than our children and their safety. We have to take our children in the car and we need to keep them safe. You would not normally expect to shop for a bargain product where child safety is concerned. However the Cosco booster seat range is not only available online at brilliant prices, the Cosco Pronto was rated a ‘Best Buy’ by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Buying a very safe, yet inexpensive car seat is important to me as I have to run on a tight budget.

I read up on safety legislation about Booster Seats. This seems to vary depending on where you live but generally, the advice seems to fall into two groups. For children between around 22 lb and 40 lb in weight, the high-backed type is recommended. For children over 40 lb and over 4′ 9″ in height, a backless booster can be used.

You can buy a Cosco Booster in both the high-backed type (which can be converted to a backless booster when your child is big enough) and the backless type. I trust the Cosco brand as it is certainly at the forefront of products for children (their range of strollers is excellent, for example). Cosco guarantee that everything they make meets – and in many cases, exceeds – safety standards.

Using the right safety seat for your child’s weight and height will protect them 31/2 times better than if they were seated in an adult seat belt alone. The reports highlighting the big fall in traffic accident injuries and deaths in children aged four to six since the introduction of car booster seat legislation in 2005 are compelling. So, even though cost is a big issue for me, I would never travel a child in a car in an ordinary adult belt. I am glad that I found Cosco Booster Seats at brilliant prices online.

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